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Rose Flower

"I'm ready to face anything that comes my way, using the tools that help me.  I can be creative and not let anything hold me back."     (Mel. 2020, UK)

Ruth was just the kind of coach I was looking for. I wanted a Bible believing Christian who could affirm my faith. I also really needed someone who understands the "different" that Asperger's/Autism adds to a child's personality... and brings to a mother's life. Ruth also gave me ideas that helped with my other son's anger.

We addressed my life goals and she helped me come up with ways to get started. I am currently developing a youtube channel with Bible stories for preschoolers. It's a little different since I'm the story teller and it's not a cartoon.

We also worked on personal side-issues. Some guided thinking sessions brought surprising thoughts and memories to the forefront of my thinking. I believe I am  less encumbered, now, because bringing them to the surface helped me be able to address them and shift my thinking.

Sheila, 2021,  USA




 "My time spent with Ruth has helped changed  my outlook on dealing with difficult situations and myself.  Ruth is understanding and not  judgmental, so I was comfortable enough to  open up and work through my issues with the  help given by her.  She gave me guidance and  coping strategies that not only benefited                myself, but also my children.  


     I'm very thankful that my home life is more  peaceful, thanks to Ruth and would highly recommend her!" 

 (Hayley,  2020,  UK)




"I started seeing Ruth after struggling with  struggling with anxiety and depression. I am pretty sure there were other issues too but as the weeks went by,  we worked through most of my traumas. It really wasn't what I expected. I expected it to be like counselling,  but it was actually very different.

     As the weeks have gone by I have found a confidence I didn't know I had. God has really revealed a lot to me in our sessions. And what made the process easier was that | could arrange it for a time that suited me. While working with Ruth. | never once felt judged or made to feel bad about my feelings. 

(Mel. 2020, UK)

Flower Plant

There is nothing (in the way or hindering my progress), as long as I put my mind to it!"

(Mary, 2020, UK)

Ruth's coaching has really helped me come further in my life .  She has some amazing techniques and I no longer feel as depressed as I used to be.  She has helped me to see things in a better light and enjoy life more.  She has helped me to figure out things to help me to de-stress or help me when things are going well.  We have put strategies in place and they help amazingly.      

(Emily,   2020,  UK)

"It's like a jigsaw puzzle (my life) - it now makes sense to me.  It's taken the pressure off - I now understand where things stem from and why.  I feel calm."

(Hayley, 2020,  UK)

"It’s been wonderful talking to you over the past months and I thank you for the direction given."


Laura,  2020,  UK

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