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Letting Go of Anger & Judgment

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

In this post I want to share a beautiful prayer you can use whenever you’re struggling to let go of a judgment.

I believe that all issues must be brought to Spirit for healing. Without a spiritual intervention, we stay stuck in the judgment cycle, but when we call on a spiritual relationship of our own understanding, we can replace our fear-based judgments with love. When we surrender our issues to a power greater than ourselves, divine order unfolds.

When we pray, we surrender to spiritual guidance. If you have a desire to be free from judgment, that’s all you need to establish a spiritual connection.

If you’ve never prayed before or haven’t done it in a long time, just know that the desire to release judgment is itself a prayer. Know that when you release judgment, you release yourself also.

Praying for release of anger and judgment, isn’t about asking for a specific outcome. Instead, we must ask Spirit to help us return our thoughts back to love. The secret to prayer is to forget what we think we need and surrender to spiritual guidance instead.

The Surrender Prayer

Begin by choosing a judgment that you’re holding onto towards something or someone. You can include yourself if you have been harsh and judged yourself.

Write it down or say it out loud.

Now say the surrender prayer:

Dear inner guide, (Holy Spirit)

I need help with my anger and judgment toward _______. I’m ready to surrender this now. I welcome in the presence of love to guide me back to truth and grace. I’m ready to release this judgment and see through the eyes of love. Let your love, mercy and truth flow through my thoughts and feelings towards __________.

This prayer is perfect if you’re feeling stuck and resistant toward releasing your judgment. Use it to enter a new inner, free state and place of being, that supports your desire to be free from attacking thoughts. This is a practice in letting go and allowing.

If this prayer resonates with you, you can say it every day to turn over your judgment to the care of Spirit.

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