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How we can help you

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

What do you want in your life?

We often have lots of questions in our lives ... but this time, you're going to find some answers! You might have questions like the ones below ...

How do I find personal fulfilment and direction in my life?

How do I achieve my goals?

How do I find work-life balance without stress and anxiety?

How can I overcome all these negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety and stress?

How do I get free from these habits and behaviours?

How do I overcome the pain and effects of trauma and abuse in my life?

We often have these kinds of questions in our lives, and its ALWAYS good to ask these

questions and to seek out answers.

We can help you!

Life coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) are skills taught and developed

through many years of study, theory and practice first developed in the 1970's. Life-

coaching is not about us giving you answers, but rather, putting tools and strategies in

your hands so that we can discover the way ahead for your. Life-coaching does not

involve analysing your past, but it does help you to heal and find the way forwards.

NLP dates back to created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United

States, in the 1970's. So it is a long established and well-founded form of coaching

clients. NLP uses communication skills, tools and techniques that brings enlightenment

and relief to the questions above!

NLP coaching tools helps you to discover your identity, your purpose, your dreams and

goals and helps you to find a way to make it happen. NLP also has tools and techniques

that help you overcome the belief systems and barriers in your life that have held you


The tools help you to change behaviours, overcome fears, phobias, anxiety, and traumas

and abuse. These tools are amazing, gentle and very effective! I have seen them work

really well for clients, time and time again. The tools and techniques can virtually help

you to overcome anything and achieve anything! And they have been proven to work

time and time again!

Among this, we incorporate Christian spiritual tools, (for those who are ready to receive

them) including one that I call a "Freedom Encounter." The Freedom Encounter really

does bring people into a place of freedom, by firstly, you encountering the highest

guiding light, the Spirit of Truth, and that truth sets us free. This Spirit is loving and

peaceful and loves to bring freedom into our lives - not by imposing religion but by

breaking us free from our old inner beliefs, bringing inner peace and freedom, healing

broken the parts within us, and revealing to us who we really are and can be. It's an

amazing encounter with amazing results! It is transformational. (see testimonies).

So whether you want to find or reconnect to your goals and dreams, find your purpose,

live free from anxiety and phobias, or break free from the pain and trauma of the past, or

whether you need help with parenting your child with special needs Or you need help

with work-life balance, we have tools that will work for you!

Not only that, Our promise is, that we will guide and support you with great compassion,

gentleness and commitment, until you become that person you want to be.

To find out more about our life coaching services, click the link.

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