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How Spirituality helps depression

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Five Factors to Improve Mental Health

February 26, 2018 By Rebecca Davis, Raising Self Awareness

Do you know how spirituality may help depression and reduce anxiety? Spirituality is all about a person’s sense of well-being. So how exactly does spiritual well-being affect someone suffering from depression? Keep reading to find out how spirituality and mental health relate to each other.

1. Something to Hold Onto Often, clinical depression brings a sense of isolation. At times, people feel like no one can understand them. They feel as if they have to hide their mental state. Spirituality eases a depressed person’s pain and suffering. Spirituality provides the person with something to hold on to. It gives them an avenue to ask for help, even if that someone or something isn’t visible. It gives people a chance at comfort and makes them feel as if they’re not alone, despite all the personal trials they face.

2. Openness to Positivity People suffering from depressive symptoms have a hard time experiencing optimism. They find it challenging to look at the bright side of things. Sometimes, figuring out the silver lining is an obstacle all on its own.

However, the spiritual practice provides these people with a channel for more positivity. It helps them see their depressive disorder with a new perspective. It might even help them turn their mental state around. 3. Purpose Finding Spirituality has roots in finding purpose. People suffering from anxiety and depression can use spiritual practice to their advantage. They can identify the disorder as an obstacle in their path. Soon, they may realise that there is a purpose in their depression. They will no longer be the victim of their own mental state. Instead, they can find meaning from it.

4. Awareness to Unique Needs Every person is different. This means what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Spiritual well-being increases the level of a person’s self-awareness. It makes them aware of their peculiarities. Having a spiritual well-being lets you recognise how your mind reacts to certain thoughts.

Spirituality holds self-awareness as one of its core elements. This helps a person discover themselves more and learn to handle any depressive symptoms they may encounter.

5. Empowered Self Most people who suffer from depressive disorder feel helpless because of their mental state. Anxiety and depression can suck the life out of a person. But spiritual well-being can do the exact opposite. It can fill a person a life with purpose and meaning. It can provide a person with a positive perspective and outlook on life.

A depressive disorder often makes people feel like they lack control. This is one of the more severe dangers of depression.

On the other hand, spirituality does the complete opposite. It awakens the person and gives vitality to once again face life. Spirituality shows them that they are capable enough to fight the good fight every day. It tells them that there will be bad days and that it is okay. Also, it also reminds them that there will always be a tomorrow. There will still be a chance to keep working in their mental state. Learn more about how spirituality may help depression.

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It’s interesting to know how spirituality may help depression. After all, mental health is now becoming more critical by the day. Therefore, these steps in increasing mental health awareness will significantly help in battling the fight against depression. Do you have any questions about how spirituality affects depression? Leave them in the comments section below.

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