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How does Freedom Encounter work?

(AKA Lie Busters)


This is a gentle spiritual process whereby a trained and trusted person leads you to connect your spirit with God's Spirit. This results in the identification of lies and trauma that may have been rooted in a past event in your own life or in a past event in the life of one of your ancestors.

Trauma and pain open the door to lies that oppress you. It has now been scientifically proven that DNA holds the record of your trauma and that of your ancestors as well.

Your spiritual and emotional DNA can be reset by replacing lies with truth, resulting in healing and freedom from oppression.

This process aligns your spirit with God's Spirit, allowing you to experience pure love. In addition to dealing with lies, pain and trauma, and the process helps those parts of yourself that have got stuck emotionally at different ages, or that have been separated from your core self, to become integrated. Without integration, when parts are triggered, they can sabotage your present, they can be voices in your head and cause irrational behaviour, inconsistencies in relationships and mood swings.


What are the outcomes I can expect?

• Freedom from fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, doubt, insecurity, loneliness, powerlessness and oppression.

• A deep sense of oneness and intimacy with others and with a loving God.

• Cleansing of your soul (mind, will and emotions) often resulting in physical healing (body).

• Activation of your spirit allowing you to live above the storms of life.

• Access to your true Father, Your Creator and the ability to rest in Him in an atmosphere of pure love and acceptance.

• You will know that you are a child of God and designed for a specific and unique purpose that the world needs and is waiting for.

• You will know who you are and why you are here.

• You will know the truth because the truth has set you free!

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