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About Me


Mary said, "I'm now excited about life.  There has been a thousand per cent change!"  (2020)

About Me

My name is Ruth Grigg.  I'm happily married with a grown-up family and grandchildren.   I'm a fully certified Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and trained in Christian ministry.    

Life Coaching stems from a desire to see woman's lives become free and empowered, able to live their dreams and meet their desired goals. 

Using NLP and spiritual tools, I’ve helped Helen to overcome anger which stemmed from child abuse, she now has a real sense of peace and is able to manage her emotions when handling her own children.  I’ve helped Mary to overcome childhood trauma and abuse and she has made tremendous progress and experienced transformational changes.   There are more stories of people I helped.  So, whatever your story is, there is a way forward for


Mary said, "I'm now excited about life.  There has been a thousand per cent change!"  (2020)

I can also coach mentor parents, focusing on parents of children with Specific learning difficulties because I've had so much personal experience of working with children and parents in this field. ​


I am trained in Christian ministry, so I am deeply spiritual, with many years of experience in this field,  so I use spiritual tools in the sessions (where appropriate) and I would love you to encounter the highest gift, the highest power and freedom that I have found; so I also offer spiritual Freedom Encounter sessions which will bring you to a place of peace, spiritual healing and inner freedom and transformation like you've never known before! 


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