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Empower your life and take control of your future 

What if you could change your life right now?  What would it look like to you?

Imagine ... you have the career or lifestyle that fits perfectly around you and your family, that is fulfilling and helps you live the quality of  life that you want to live ... how would that change your life?

If you want to change and achieve personal development, or you want to find direction and purpose, then we can help you to make transformational changes in your life.

We can help you to identify and achieve your personal and career dreams and goals, we help you to feel fulfilled and  we can help you to achieve work-life balance and management.

Alongside life coaching skills and NLP, we incorporate spiritual coaching, and freedom encounter - these are tools that are proven to really work  and  bring the transformation you are looking for and our promise is, that we will guide and support you with great compassion and  gentleness until you become that person you want to be.

We can help you to overcome trauma and abuse and overcome fears, anxiety, stress, habits and behaviours, phobias and anger. We can help you become confident and focused. We can release a sense of wholeness and spiritual healing that will bring personal breakthrough  and transformational changes in your life.


We aim to transform to your life with compassion and gentleness, bringing healing, clarity and confidence to you. We can help and  lead you to a place of release a sense of wholeness and spiritual healing, that will bring you personal breakthrough and transformational changes. ​

Children in the Garden




A  gentle and practical approach to help children and tweens who need help with their moods, anxiety, anger, stress, self-esteem,  identity,  character building skills and resilience building skills,  calming skills, gratitude and attitude, and more.


Our custom made, Personal Life Coaching package will help you to discover your potential,  your dreams and your goals, and to overcome your fears, challenges and barriers, any trauma or abuse,  your stress and anxieties, your phobias, break bad habits and develop new healthy ones.

We help you to gain new confidence,  discover your identity and purpose, to experience spiritual and emotional healing, release and freedom.

We help you to set your own goals,  find the path forward to reaching them, and achieve changes and transformations in your life. 


Book a FREE Complimentary Consultation  so we can identify your dreams and goals, what motivates you and lead you forwards.


This package includes:  your wheel of your life,  finding your work–life balance between work and family,  how to manage your time,  how to manage your stress, and  setting your own priorities and goals.

Sessions include making important decisions, clarifying situations and making adjustments,  conflict resolutions,  and anything you bring to the table, including  your personal growth.

The benefits  are a new outlook on life and way of managing your life with less stress.


We OFFER a 10 week mentoring and coaching programme for parents of children with additional  needs.

This includes 10 coaching videos and e books to support your learning,  alongside group and personal coaching, addressing various challenges that you, as parents and children face daily. ​  We also offer email support.  

Each session includes strategies and mindset changes, that can bring transformation to your parenting skills and home life. 


The Benefits are increased confidence to manage difficult situations with a positive outcome.  


FREE  Coaching E-book


"Self Esteem Boosters," Your Guide for Changing your Life and Being Happy.

  The contents includes:

  • Being Optimistic for happier life

  • It's All in the Mind

  • Overcoming Negative Thinking

  • Becoming an optimistic Individual and achieve goals in life!


Hayley, UK, 2020

"It's like a jigsaw puzzle (my life) - it now makes sense to me.  It's taken the pressure off - I now understand where things stem from and why.  I feel calm."

Emily, UK, 2020

Ruth's coaching has really helped me come further in my life .  She has some amazing techniques and I no longer feel as depressed as I used to be.

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